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An original play by John Hodges ( okay, I admit I did "borrow" some groovy 60's tunes ) about the fabulous 1960's was to be a one-weekend affair! Well, one weekend and fourteen years later, here we go again, ready for one more weekend, or two, or three! How would you like to go back in time? Maybe go back to Dallas,Novemeber 22, 1963 when President Kennedy was killed? Maybe Memphis, April 3, 1968 to hear Martin Luther King's last speech? Or New York City, February 9, 1964 when The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show? Well, you can, if you attend "Remember the 60's!"

Groovy chicks, hippies, singers, dancers, the tragedy of Vietnam, all explode on the stage, blasting you through a riveting piece of history known at the 1960's! This show was actually a follow-up to to another original play I wrote entitled "The Sock Hop."
Since this play was about was about the 1950's, I naturally thought the logical direction to take would be (yes you guessed it) the 1960's.. I was a history teacher at the time and wanted to show how major events in our country's history had affected people locally, in an entertaining way, of course.

Only something happened when we got to the 60's, we got stuck there - 14 years to be exact, but we've loved every "far-out" moment of it! It has been a huge success ever since opening night. Working with 60 plus young adults is not an easy task. It requires time, patience, and prayer! Teaching amateurs to sing harmony parts when most have never sung is a challange beyond words, but the reward is also beyond words. To witness a group this size pour their hearts into songs and scenes from the 60's and then see how amazingly professional it turns out is unbelievable! This is what makes me come back every year to direct, teach, and just be there with the cast . . . to absorb this energy, this love, this dedication.

I am truly humbled to be a part of "Remember the 60's!"